Anten'it Antenna Design and Training Hardware Products

Anten'it Antenna Design and Training Hardware is a patent pending concept of Antenom Antenna Technologies. There are different products for different purposes in this product family.

Anten'it Antenna Training Kit: Anten'it Antenna Training Kit is the best training solution for antenna laboratory lectures. This is the only kit with antenna design teaching feature. Students can design the different antennas in time-limited antenna laboratory lectures, measure via a Network Analyzer and iterate their design. More details about this kit is in Anten'it website.

Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit: Anten'it Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit is for antenna & microwave design departments of companies and institutions. This kit has metal cells, 3 different kinds of dielectrics with different dielectric constants, absorber cells, ground planes, connectors, and cables. Antenna engineers use this kit both as a rapid prototyping tool and a design tool directly in front of a network analyzer. The advantage of this kit over 3D printers is that each brick cell in this kit are re-usable. Antenna engineers can build the antennas by mounting the cells and iterate by adding and removing the cells during their design. They can dismount the cells and re-use them. More details about this kit is in Anten'it website.

Anten'it Antenna Research Kit: Anten'it Antenna Research Kit is the academic version of Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit. This kit is only offered to universities. Universities don't need to spend their limited budgets to expensive infrastructures, dielectric materials and manufacturing processes.  Researchers can use this kit for bachelor, master and PhD level thesis and journal paper studies. More details about this kit is in Anten'it website.

Anten'it Multi-Antenna Kit: Anten'it Multi-Antenna Kit has the ability to build over 100 antennas by mounting the bricks. This kit is for antenna users that are not antenna designers. Antenna users can select the appropriate antennas for their applications from the "Datasheet Booklet" covering the measurement results of more than 100 antennas. After finding the appropriate antenna, antenna users can follow the steps in "Antenna Building Instructions". Antenna Building Instructions is a detailed guide for building the antennas step by step. This guide is prepared especially for non-designers to be able to build the antennas in "Datasheet Booklet". More details about this kit is in Anten'it website.



Specialized COTS Antennas

Specialized COTS antennas include Jamming Antennas, Counter-Drone Antennas, Direction-Finding Antennas, Transmit Antennas, Vehicle antennas, Monitoring Antennas (Receive Antennas) and Counter RCIED Antennas.

Jamming Antennas

Antenom Antenna Technologies has a number of high-power jammer antennas both for omnidirectional and directional applications.

Counter RCIED Antennas

Counter RCIED (Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) Antennas are ultra wide-band jammer antennas for RCIED threats.

Vehicle Antennas

There are a number of jammer, transmitter and monitoring antennas that are installed on vehicles.

Counter Drone Antennas

Counter Drone Antennas include both ultra wideband omnidirectional antennas and directional antennas covering drone controller and GPS frequencies.

Communication Antennas

Communication antennas are at different frequencies and appropriate both for transmission and receive applications.

Monitoring Antennas

Antenom Antenna Technologies has many different monitoring antennas (receiving antennas) working at different frequency ranges.