Detailed document of Antenom Antenna Design Services

Our professional antenna design service allows you to focus on designing your product. We start with changing your needs into the antenna and RF requirements, do a literature search, create simulation models and simulate the initial designs, prototype with our sophisticated prototyping tools and produce the final products.

Our antenna design infrastructure includes Antenna Magus and CST Microwave Studio® simulation software, powerful workstations, Anten’it Antenna and Microwave Design and Prototyping Kits and measurement systems.

Antenom has an experienced team which have the antenna design capability on the topics below:

-Jammer Antennas

-Direction Finding Antenna Systems

-5G Antennas

-Leight Weight Antennas (For UAVs)

-High Power Transmitting Antennas

-Active Receiving Antennas

-Monopulse Antennas

-Conformal Antennas

-Broadband Monitoring Antennas

-Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antennas

-Radar Antennas

-Monopulse Antennas

-Array Antennas

-Wearable Antennas