Antenom Antenna Technologies is a professional development and production house for antennas, RF components and RF systems. Anten’it is the Brick-based Antenna and Microwave Design Hardware family that represents a technological breakthrough in antennas and microwave fields.

Anten’it includes antenna and microwave training kits, antenna and microwave design & prototyping kits both for universities and companies. This is a new and unique concept with a patent application.

Anten’it Antenna Design and Training Kits are launched in 2019. The block-based antenna design methodology in a patent pending concept of Antenom Antenna Technologies. Universities and Antenna&Microwave Departments of companies are the main users of these products. Anten’it Microwave Training and Design Kits are launched at the beginning of 2022. The users can design, build and measure their waveguide and microstrip components easily.

Anten’it products have 3D CAD models (that can be imported to electromagnetic simulation tools) and CST Studio files of antenna and microwave components.

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